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Cheshire Cricket Board

Chance to Shine & Schools Lead

Mark Greaves  

Mobile: 07970 687993 


Women & Girls Manager

Jessica Lewis  

Mobile: 07429 164870


Cheshire Cricket Board, in partnership with our key stakeholders - ECB and Chance to Shine - is committed to providing opportunities for school children to play, learn and develop through the sport of cricket.

Our team of professional coaches are available year-round to deliver in primary, secondary and special schools throughout Cheshire. Through a combination of dynamic curriculum coaching and bespoke extra-curricular support, we aim to raise the profile of cricket in educational settings and inspire a generation of young people to say ‘cricket is a game for me'.

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For more information about our comprehensive schools coaching programme please contact CCB Chance to Shine / Schools Lead Mark Greaves  or our Women and Girls Manager Jessica Lewis 

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