Girls Secondary Schools

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Girls Secondary Schools 

Thanks to our partnership with Chance to Shine, we deliver cricket to girls in 12 secondary schools each year. The girls secondary schools programme is designed to create playing opportunities to girls and supports them in developing leadership skills in sport.

The programme consists of 3 main areas, taster sessions, leadership sessions and extracurricular clubs:

  • Taster sessions - our experienced, professional coaches deliver a series of taster sessions in each school. The taster sessions provide a fantastic opportunity for girls to experience cricket and all that it has to offer.
  • Leadership - the leadership sessions delivered by our coaches aim to build and develop skills in young people that will enable them to lead extracurricular clubs and support local cricket competitions. The sessions will also provide life long leadership skills.
  • Extracurricular clubs - the extracurricular club provides further playing opportunities for young girls and enables the young leaders a chance to practice and develop their skills.

The girls secondary school programme also provides teacher CPD opportunities, to support teachers in being able to deliver cricket sessions during physical education lessons.

Competitions - In addition to school delivery, we also deliver indoor and outdoor competitions across the county for girls in year 7- year 10. To find out more about these events and our school offer, please contact Jess.

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