Friendly & Midweek

Friendly & Midweek Leagues

South Mcr Casual League

The South Manchester Casual Cricket League is looking for one additional team to complete the fixture line-up for the 2022 season.

The long-standing midweek League, which features teams from across the South Manchester region, are open to applications from Cheshire teams who are looking for cricket of a ‘casual’ nature ...... READ MORE

Last Man Stands

Last Man Stands in our area
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Liverpool South

Chester & District Mid-Week League

Greater Manchester Amateur League

Greater Manchester Amateur CL formed in 1920 is member of the Lancashire Cricket Federation.

Get The Game On

Affiliated Cheshire clubs (and Clubmark clubs from neighbouring counties) are invited to join our GTGO Friendly Fixture pool. Working in partnership with the Cheshire Clubs’ Cricket Committee, we aim to provide fixtures for clubs/teams sitting outside the traditional league structure. Games are organised via email/WhatsApp and take place throughout the summer. For more information contact Clubs and Participation Manager Gareth Moorhouse.

Get The Game On Juniors - READ MORE

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