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Appointed Directors: Chair (Nigel Muirhead), Vice Chair (Di Totty), and Management Group Chair (Scott Elliott). Selected via a Nominations Committee and appointed by the Board.

Independent Non-Executive Directors: Neeruj Luthra, Nick Brooks, Joanna Seddon, Helen Nicholson. Appointed by the Board.

Ex-officio Directors: Director of Cricket (Richard Newton), Treasurer (Mike Guest), and Secretary (David Sharp). Selected via a Nominations Committee and appointed by the Board.

Representatives from the three Member organisations: Cheshire County Cricket Club (Jim Law), Cheshire Clubs Cricket Committee (David Humpage), & Cheshire Youth Cricket (Paul Brown). One representative from each member group is appointed by its group.

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Nigel Muirhead

What ....... I am the newly appointed Chair of the Cheshire Cricket Board (February 2023)

Who....... I have been involved in cricket from when I fell in love with the game as a 6-year-old, making my debut for my local village at 10, playing 14 years in the Yorkshire League for York CC, before joining Toft CC in 1997. I was captain of the 1st team for 10 years, and have been Chair since 2011 so actively involved in many aspects of the game, both on and off the pitch.

Why....... I am passionate about cricket, wanting to make it as accessible as possible to all, irrespective of race, ability & gender, but in particular, getting young people to enjoy the game, and developing “life skills” both on and off the pitch.


Di Totty

What ....... I have stepped up from the Women's and Girls Lead to become the Vice Chair of the Cheshire Cricket Board (Feb 2023).

Who ....... I have been involved in the development of Women's and Girls cricket across Cheshire since the mid 1980s. I am proud to be President of the Cheshire Women's Cricket League which has seen formidable growth in recent years and even more proud to still be playing behind the stumps for my club!

Why ....... I believe sport should be for everyone, and cricket is a game that can lead the way with this. We are changing hearts and minds, and breaking down barriers to create equity within the game we all love, so that anyone can say 'cricket is for me'.


Scott Elliott

What ...... Chair the Cheshire Cricket Management Board providing oversight and guidance to the business and financial side of the Management Group.

Who ...... Ever since I can remember, summertime has been for playing cricket and I have had the fortune of playing in leagues in South Yorkshire, Cornwall, Cheshire and even played a couple of seasons in Papua New Guinea.

Why ...... Cricket has provided me with so many positive life experiences and I am now in a position to be able to give some of my time back to the game I love in order that future generations can also benefit from this wonderful game.


Richard Newton

What ....... I am the Director of Cricket for Cheshire Cricket Board.

Who ....... I have been involved in Cheshire Cricket Development since June 1995. I played as a youngster for Woodhouses CC before moving to the Central Lancashire League at 18 years old. I finished my playing career at Royton CC in 1999 having played 15 continuous years in the League as a wicket keeper/batter. I first qualified as a Cricket Coach in1989 and progressed through the coaching qualifications over the next few years. I have tutored over 50 Courses during my time as a Staff Coach in Cheshire.

Why ....... I am privileged to have a career in cricket, getting to know so many people who are passionate about the game and seeing so many having the opportunities to enjoy a fantastic game….both on and off the field.


David Sharp

What ...... Secretary since 2001, and a founder of the Cheshire Cricket Trust.

What ...... Since early days in Bradford, Yorks when my dad taught me the leg glance and told me 'not to cut before May's out' I've been hooked. I had a touch of high life on the field, a 100 at Lord's, Durham Uni skipper, a few games for Yorks 2s and Cheshire, and a load of fun at my club Alderley Edge, but I've enjoyed my time helping the game off the field just as much.

Why ...... An enduring wish to help everyone in Cheshire embrace the great game and make it a choice for life.



Mike Guest

What ....... Treasurer to the Board appointed in 2021.

Who ....... Involved in Cheshire cricket through our sons who played their club cricket at Oulton Park and represented Cheshire at various junior age groups.  I was junior coordinator at Oulton Park CC before becoming a volunteer County junior team manager from 2005 to 2021. I am now treasurer for Cheshire Youth cricket as well as to the Cheshire cricket board.

Why ....... Being able to give back something from which you have derived so much pleasure is rewarding in itself, but to help make cricket in Cheshire welcoming and accessible to everyone is something to strive for.



Neeruj Luthra

What ....... EDI Lead and marketing adviser of the Cheshire Cricket Board.

Who ....... Played lots of cricket as a junior. Watch lots of cricket as a senior! Marketing professional for over 25 years, and a business owner.

Why ....... To help encourage diverse, creative and strategic thinking across the board. I also want to play a part in broadening the appeal of cricket within the county, and to remove any barriers for people who are new to the game.



Nick Brooks

What …... Board Safeguarding Lead appointed in September 2022.

Who …... Have loved cricket since Botham’s Ashes in 1981.  Moving from playing to supporting and coaching, then volunteering in various club roles including junior co-ordinator and club safeguarding officer.  Have learnt a lot from cricket, and continue to do so.

Why …... Recognise the value of cricket and hope to contribute to making cricket in Cheshire accessible for many to experience the benefits it offers on and off the field.  Passionate about safeguarding.  Will work to support the Board in ensuring that safeguarding is embedded and remains at the forefront of Board decision making, culture and strategy moving forward.


Joanna Seddon

What ...... Appointed Women and Girls Lead (Feb 2023)

Who ...... Returned to cricket in 2019 after a 20 year gap since playing at university and haven’t looked back. Love playing, coaching and committee-ing at Lindow CC, especially all things women and girls.

Why ...... Passionate about growing the female game and helping to develop a thriving women and girls presence right across Cheshire, with opportunities for everyone to participate in a way that works for them. 



Helen Nicholson

What ....... I am a newly appointed non-executive board member of the Cheshire Cricket Board (February 2023).

Who .......  I am a committee member of Macclesfield Cricket Club and established Macclesfield’s women and girls’ section. I can be found enthusiastically coaching the junior girls but I haven’t joined them in the handstand competitions…yet!

Why ....... I want more people to be able to play and enjoy cricket in Cheshire regardless of their background, gender or body shape. From my commercial life I’m looking to bring best in class governance to support Cheshire cricket to continue to grow sustainably.



Cheshire County Cricket Club - Jim Law

What ...... As chair of Cheshire County Cricket Club I represent them on the Cheshire Cricket Board.

Who ...... A less than average cricketer, I fairly promptly graduated to the score box and to supporting the game. Moving from Hampshire to Cheshire nearly 30 years ago, I’ve been both Chair and President of Chester Boughton Hall CC, scoring for them for many years and scoring for Cheshire CCC since 2005. Chair of the Cheshire Cricket Board for a couple of years too and have now succeeded David Bailey as chair of the county club.

Why ..... As the pinnacle of recreational cricket in the county, Cheshire CCC offers aspirational young players the opportunity to reach the top of their game. Our valuable role in the cricketing pathway has helped go further afield to play for first class counties. I hope I can contribute to helping further develop the Cheshire cricket pathway. 


Cheshire Clubs Cricket Committee - David Humpage


Cheshire Youth Cricket - Paul Brown

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