Cheshire Cricket Board


President - Ian Greensmith

Chairman - Derek Barnett 07582 160 440

Secretary - Andy Marsland

Treasurer - Stuart Anderson

County Education Officer - Inge Bevers

County Development Officer - Andy Stancliffe

County Appointments Officer - John Hacking

County Scorers Officer - James Emmerson

County Membership Services Officer - Alistair Davies

The Association exists to promote and support umpiring across the three tiers of Cheshire cricket, and we are now looking for new members to join us ...

***Face-to-Face Umpiring Courses are back!***

We are delighted to announce our first 'live' courses for Stage 1 and 2.

Stage One 14 November Upton CC
Stage One 20 November Toft CC
Stage Two 21 November Upton CC
Stage Two 27 November Toft CC

Due to Covid restrictions, we are limited in numbers: maximum of 15 participants per day, and no lunch is provided.

Participants get a discount code for Stage 2 when booking Stage 1 and we recommend booking both as quickly as possible.

For any questions, please contact our Education Officer, Inge, email at

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