County Pitch Advisors

County Pitch Advisors

A County Pitch Advisor (CPA) is qualified through the Grounds Management Association to support clubs with “raising the standards of sports surfaces as well as the understanding of sports turf management practices among grassroots club”.

A CPA is therefore a brilliant support for the Club network. Leaning on their experience and expertise can be invaluable to help your cricket square and outfield grow from strength to strength.

How can a CPA offer support? 

A CPA can:

Support leagues and clubs to be reactive to surfaces performance in season

Support clubs to be proactive in planning and improving surfaces performances long, medium, and short term.

Options include:

· Full PQS (Performance Quality Standards) assessment for square and outfield, along with report with support and advice.

· Basic Advisory assessment using visual inspection, producing a short report.

· Plus many other options.

How to get in touch:

Reach out to AJ on or if you are interested in a visit from a CPA and want more details, please complete the following form

Watch and listen to AJ interviewing CPA Stan Aspinall on Instagram

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