Prerequisites and renewable certificates

All new coaches will need to complete an ECB DBS check (or overseas equivalent if not permanent UK resident) and Safeguarding Training before they are awarded their coaching certificate, these DO NOT have to be completed prior to attending the course.

First aid is no longer a requirement to be certified as a coach but highly recommended for all active coaches.

Active coaches need to renew their certificates periodically to ensure they are compliant and qualified to coach- if your certificates are out of date you should not be coaching, clubs should keep records of coaches certificates but ultimately it is up to the coach to ensure they are fully up to date.

Validity periods

DBS check- 1 year – NOT 3 years as stated on hard copy (if you join the DBS update service  it will be re-checked by ECB annually, they will email or write to you when this is happening- please ensure you check this email for any actions required.)
Safeguarding Training – 3 years
First Aid Training – 3 years

Renewable Certificates

DBS (UK Residents)

All active Coaches must have an ECB DBS. It must be an ECB DBS; the ECB will not accept DBS checks from another organisation.

To initiate a DBS, contact your Club ID Verifier, CSO or if you are a member of the ACO, the ACO secretary and ask them to “initiate” a DBS for you. If you cannot find anyone at your club able to do this, email Community Admin and ask them to initiate a DBS.

When the check is initiated you will be emailed a link to complete the application online. Not received your link? Check your spam folder, they are often filtered out.

Once you have completed your DBS application form you will need to meet with a verifier and show them 3 original documents (chosen when you completed the form). They will then complete the verification and submit your DBS.  Your DBS will usually be issued within a week or two, but they can take up to 2 months or more.

Validity- 1 Year
Your ECB DBS check is valid for 1 year from the date of issue- NOT 3 years as stated on the hard copy certificate. After 1 year you will show as expired on ECB systems and have to repeat the application process again- UNLESS you join the DBS update service- see below.

DBS Update Service- Highly Recommended!
You will be given the option to opt in to the DBS Update Service. If you do this, you will not be required to complete another DBS in the future (unless your criminal record changes). This MUST be done within 30 days of your DBS being issued.

Your DBS will be re-checked by the ECB annually, they will email and/or write to you before they do this- please read this carefully as there may be actions required.

You can opt out at any stage in the future if you are no longer involved with cricket.

The ECB do not charge for volunteers for DBS checks. If you are a volunteer coach please ensure you select this during the application process and it will be completely free as well as free access to the update service- if you are paid for coaching by a club or another organisation eg, school, local authority, coaching supplier, you will need to apply for a paid role.

Paid Coaches
The initial paid DBS check will cost £35, then £13 annually to remain on the update service.

If you have applied for a paid role DBS, you will need to register with the DBS to opt in to the Update Service, as well as join the ECB update service (above). This MUST be done within 30 days of the issue of the disclosure. When you log on, when you see “Application Reference Number” – choose – “Use my Certificate Number instead”. The DBS charge £13 a year for paid roles to be members of the Update Service. The ECB do not make any charges.

DBS (Non UK Residents)

All overseas player/coaches from outside the EEA have to ensure they comply with UK Borders Agency requirements, obtain the correct VISA and get Governing Body endorsement. We cannot offer advice, but guidance can be sought from the ECB website.

All overseas player/coaches from EEA or non-EEA countries will need to complete the ECB Vetting procedure. In order to do this they must complete a Non-UK Resident Vetting Form.

With the ECB Non-UK vetting form the applicant will need to supply (1) a Police Check / Certificate of Good Conduct from the Overseas Country issued within the last 3 months and (2) a copy of the photo page of their passport and (3) a copy of their visa (if applicable).

NB – They should obtain the Police Check BEFORE they leave their country; it is much easier and in some countries this can only be applied for face-to-face.

For information on how to obtain a Police Check / Certificate of Good Conduct from the Overseas Country please click here.

ECB (UKBA) Health and Safety Assessment
Part of your visa application may include providing evidence of booking on to the ECB Health and Safety Assessment.

For enquiries about the ECB (UKBA) Health & Safety Assessment please contact Community Admin - Kent CB email address

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, so whatever your role in cricket, everyone should understand the importance of keeping children, young people and adults safe.  We want everyone at your club to have a good awareness of safeguarding and good practice to help develop confidence to provide the best environment for your members, to challenge poor practice and report appropriately.

Coaches need to complete the online e-Learning Safeguarding for Coaches and Activators course before they are certified AND renew this every 3 years.

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles (SSR)
This free online training is designed to support individuals in cricket who have specialist roles working with children and young people.  It is made up of one 60-minute module, suitable for all roles with children, and four shorter bolt on modules of about 20 minutes:

Safeguarding for Coaches and Activators
Safeguarding for Captains and Team Managers
Safeguarding for Umpires and Scorers
Safeguarding for Committee Members and Club Safeguarding Officers.

Once you have completed the one hour module, you should complete the shorter module that best reflects your role. Whilst there is only a requirement to complete one top-up module, you are welcome to complete as many as you wish.

Coaches- Please note this replaces the Safeguarding Young Cricketers course (SYC) and this new course is mandatory for coaches to complete every 3 years to comply with Safe Hands and Clubmark requirements.  When you are due to renew your SYC training, please complete this course.

Who is the training for?

Coaches, Activators, Captains, Team Managers, Umpires, Scorers, Committee Members and Club Safeguarding Officers – although anyone can complete it.

How long is it valid for?

3 years

How do I access the training?

If you already have an ECB e learning account, please log on and you will find the course available to complete in the safeguarding courses section.  Please do not sign up for a new e learning account if you already have one, as records do not automatically get combined.

Go To E-Learning

We have Elearning via our website

Find out more about Safeguarding here

First Aid

Although First Aid is no longer a requirement for coaches to be qualified, we highly recommended that ALL coaches hold a valid First Aid certificate, as there MUST be a trained first aider present during ALL cricket training sessions and events (including softball sessions and 1-1’s).

The minimum requirement is an Emergency First Aid Course (3 hours) that provides you with a certificate valid for 3 years.

We offer a number of First Aid courses throughout the year.


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