Safeguarding Training

The ECB is committed to ensuring that everyone involved in cricket has an appropriate level of safeguarding training.  Below is information on the current training offers available for anyone involved in cricket.

Introduction to Safeguarding
This free course is available for everyone involved in cricket

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, so whatever your role in cricket, everyone should understand the importance of keeping children, young people and adults safe.

With this in mind, we invite you, and everybody at your club or organisation, to complete our online Introduction to Safeguarding. The training provides basic knowledge and advice in creating a safe cricket environment for everyone, recognising signs of abuse, what to do if you have any concerns or if you are approached by anyone with concerns that they may have.

The online Introduction to Safeguarding training should take around 30 minutes to complete and is accessible on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can access this training by clicking here.

If you have any issues accessing the course, please email

Please note those who have already undertaken safeguarding training in their roles such as Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are not required to complete this course, although individuals may do so if they wish.

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles 
These modules are for all those who have a specialist role in cricket including Coaches, Activators, Officials, Committee Members, Captains and Club Safeguarding Officers

  • Safeguarding for Captains and Team Managers
  • Safeguarding for Coaches and Activators
  • Safeguarding for Officials (Umpires and Scorers)
  • Safeguarding for Committee Members and Club Safeguarding Officers

To book any of these modules click here. 

You will be asked to complete the ‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ first and then proceed to the appropriate bolt on module. The 'Safeguarding for Specialist Roles' should take around 1 hour to complete and then your chosen module around 20 minutes. All valid for 3 years.

If you perform more than one role, we suggest you choose the module most aligned to your main role although you are welcome to complete as many as you wish.

Training for Club Safeguarding Officers 
Club Safeguarding Officers are vital members of the club and key to making an environment safe, welcoming and friendly for everyone to enjoy the game of cricket.

Club Safeguarding Officers training has three elements:

Level 1 - Introduction to Safeguarding. CLICK HERE

Level 2 - Safeguarding for Specialist Roles. Attendance should be repeated every 3 years. CLICK HERE

Level 3 - Safe Hands workshop (face to face and run by Cheshire Cricket Board). Attendance should be repeated every 3 years. CLICK HERE

Club Safeguarding Officers must be over 18 years of age and hold a current ECB issued DBS Certificate.

Safeguarding Network meetings when available. CLICK HERE

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