Lord’s Taverners SEND Programme

Lords Taverners funded SEND School Programme at Springfield School

Our Coaches, Ben Tomlinson and Harry Newton have been delivering cricket through our Lords Taverners funded SEND School Programme at Springfield School. It’s excellent to hear positive feedback from the School:

'Our students have really enjoyed our visits from Cheshire Cricket. We learnt how to play quick cricket on the table tennis table, using a ramp to push the ball with our fingers. We then moved on to exploring the MATP (Motor Activity Training Programme) with a variety of new and accessible LUSU equipment, including tactile balls with bells so that our visually impaired students can hear them moving and tactile objects hanging from posts with adjustable height for students to reach and grasp. We have also had the opportunity to practise kicking balls from posts with adjustable heights, had fun with the parachute and skittles and practised catching balls with a 'tap hand' and target spot.

During these sessions we have developed many skills including movement in different speed and directions, focusing and tracking with the eyes, and balance. We have also developed skills in sending, tapping, intercepting and receiving objects. And finally, we have developed skills in rolling and shaking balls, strengthening the wrist during throwing actions, as well as bouncing, accuracy and spatial awareness.

It's great to be a part of these inclusive sessions and we look forward to more in the future.'

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