GrassRoots Awards

OSCAs until 2021

Rewarding our Volunteers since 2003

From 2003 to 2020, Cheshire Volunteers received recognition for their services to Cheshire Cricket by being nominated for an OSCA and received an invitation to attend the Annual OSCAs Ceremony at Lord's each Autumn.

From 2021 these awards are called Grassroots Awards, and Grassroots Cricket Collective Awards from 20023, and presented locally.

Cheshire's Grassroots Cricket Collective Awards 2023 - some of whom received their awards at Old Trafford in 2023 ... READ MORE

Volunteer Grounds Management Team of the Year - Colin Day - Davenham CC
Safe Hands - Heather Mukherjee
Game Changer - Olivia Gladwin
Cricket Innovators - Sue Jones and Gagan Juneja
Connecting Communities - Macclesfield CC (Radan Ramachandran & Tandy Palmes) and Lorna Robinson
Rising Star - Willow Halford
Lifetime Achiever - Simon Griffiths
Unsung Hero - Tirumala Dayama
Inspired to Play - Nathan Brown
Growing the Game - Jon Linford
Tackling Climate Change - No Winner

Coach of the Year - Brad Donelan
Young Coach of the Year - Olivia Brennan
Outstanding Services to Coaching - Karl Bamford
Outstanding Services to Cricket Coach Development - Tom Jones

Cheshire's Grassroots Awards Nominees 2022 some of whom attended the Awards Ceremony held at The Point, Old Trafford in 2022 ... READ MORE

Rising Star – Archie Riley
Game Changer – James Warburton (National Highly Commended)
Lifetime Achiever – Les Pickford
Growing the Game – Andy Bennion & Sarah McCann (National Highly Commended)
Inspired to Play – Ray Bell (National Winner)
Unsung Hero – Jo Page
Connecting Communities – Mahmudur Rubel Rahman
Cricket Innovators – Bernard Thone (National Winner)
Safe Hands – Pratham Shetty & Sarah Baker
Tackling Climate Change – Romiley CC
Grounds Management – Northwich CC

Cheshire's Grassroots Awards Nominees 2021

Cheshire's Grassroots Awards Nominees 2021 some of whom attended the Awards Ceremony held at The Point, Old Trafford in 2021 ... READ MORE

Connecting Communities - Adam Harwick
Cricket Innovators - Chris Simpson
Game Changer - Gloria Lui
Growing the Game - Richard Clorley
Inspire to Play - Kim Davies & Tom Jones (National Highly Commended)
Lifetime Achiever - Stuart Hirst
Rising Stars - Emily Page & Oliver Passant
Unsung Hero - Mandy Harding

Cheshire's OSCA Nominees some of whom attended the OSCAs Ceremonies at Lord's:

Raise The Bat - Geoff Nuzum – Runcorn CC
Connecting Communities - Jimmy Lomas & Ed Stubbs – Toft CC
Proactive Leadership within the Cricket Community - Miles Horner – Macclesfield CC

Lifetime Achiever - Gerald Bailey - Stockport Georgians
Heartbeat of the Club - Paul Tyerman - Grappenhall
Young Volunteer (14-18) - Benjamin Whalley - Davenham
Young Volunteer (19-25) - Callum Andrews - Oxton
Most Inspiring & Diverse Cricket Offer - St George's Primary School, Tameside
Pro-Active Leadership in Cricket - Ian Schora - Hale Barns
Outstanding Contribution to Coaching - Dave Lee – Birkenhead Park CC
Coach of the Year - Andrew Leach – Runcorn
Young Coach of the Year - Will Mairs – Bredbury St Mark's
Coaching Club of the Year - Lindow

Lifetime Achiever - Rob Sproston and Colin Wilks
Heartbeat of the Club - Dom Hastings
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - Roger (& Barbara) Strong
Leagues - Ian & Nicola Halford
Young Volunteer - Tom Orr
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations
Outstanding Contribution to Coaching - Bernie Bishop - Crewe Vagrants CC
Coach of the Year - Ben Tyler - Lindow CC
Young Coach of the Year - Matt Owen - Upton CC

Lifetime Achiever - Peter Chapman
Heartbeat of the Club - Joanna Espley and Tim Lucas
Get The Game On - Harry Wood
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - John Lofthouse
Leagues - Annette and Alan Axon
Young Volunteer - George Elliott
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations
Outstanding Contribution to Coaching - Andy Crick - Neston CC
Coach of the Year - Gavin Simpson - Winsford CC
Young Coach of the Year - Peter Henshall - Bollington CC

Lifetime Achiever - John Pickup
Heartbeat of the Club - Karen Gallagher
Get The Game On - Bernard Manning
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - James Emmerson
Leagues - David Valance
Young Volunteer - Jake Pearson
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations
Outstanding Contribution to Coaching - Martin Walker (shortlisted)
Young coach of the year - Holly McCurrie
Coach of the Year - Chris Smith

Lifetime Achiever - Harry Sharrock
Heartbeat of the Club - Sophie Staniforth
Get The Game On - Brian Jarrard
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - Geoff Young
Leagues - Di Totty
Young Volunteer - Andrew Jackson
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations
*Outstanding Contribution to Coaching - Steve Amison
*Coaching Awards were presented at the OSCAs from 2015

Lifetime Achiever - Les Fairbrother (and Harry Sharrock)
Building Partnerships - Robin Grinter
Behind the Scenes - Jonathan Gledhill and Ian Sharrock
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - Jon Hacking
Leagues & Boards - Brian Boys
Young Volunteer - Daniel Kupasarevic
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations.

Lifetime Achiever - Harry Bramhall
Building Partnerships - Nicola Bennett
Behind the Scenes - Stuart Collins
Officiating (Umpiring & Scoring) - Mary Blackburn
Leagues and Boards - Stan Davies
Young Volunteer - No nominations
NatWest CricketForce - No nominations

Lifetime Achiever - Ian Buttress
Building Partnerships - Jane Williams
Behind the Scenes - Amanda & Bernie Bishop
Officials - Tony Morris
NatWest CricketForce - No nominee
Leagues and Boards - Stuart Anderson
Young Volunteer - Christopher Edwards.

Lifetime Achiever - David Humpage
Building Partnerships - Sue Barlow
Behind the Scenes - Nick James
Officials - Dave Lawson
NatWest CricketForce - Phil Mellor
Leagues and Boards - Alan Rogers
Young Volunteer - Mike Scott.

Brian Birtles, Di Totty, Robert West, John Coakley, John Petch, Nick & Pat Sharp, Peter Hancock, Roger Miln.

Brian Davenport, Richard Cragg, Heather Beattie, Ian Halford, John Elliott, Ian Greensmith, Peter Babbage.

Alan Littlemore, Anthony Alderman, Sandy & Elise Scrimgeour, Ronnie Clarke, Colin Norbury, Graham & Jean Hall, Stephen Wright, Derrick Brooke.

Cheadle Hulme CC (Chris Beckley, Bob Bailey, Justin Goulding, Ewan McCray), Peter Hewitt, Stephen Douglas, John Brocklebank, Sarah McCann, Mike Day.

13 nominees inc Hilary White, Graham Beckett, Mike & Wyn Talbot-Butler, John Bygate.

Stan Davies, Peter Davies, Martin Ostick, Clive Elliott, David Batty, John Reidford, Ron Jones, Steve Amison, Geoff Antrobus, Mike Tyerman, Tony Green, Stuart Anderson, John Usher, Phil Glennon, John Hatton.

Derek Pearson, John Hatton, Neil Purdie, Sean Fleming, Roger Wallington, Brian David, David Hill, Andy Margeson, David Reynolds, Nick Wrigley, Jim Du Mayne, George Studd, Andy Hurworth, Alan Rogers, David Jones, Phil Campey.

Bob Cunningham.

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