Frequently asked Questions about Coach Courses

Q. Can I reserve a space on a course?
Please note that places are on a first come first serve basis. Places on courses cannot be reserved and booking can only take place once payment has been made.

Q. Can I get a refund for a course?

Normally YES. Contact

Q. Can I choose the dates of my course?
The dates for your course will be clearly listed on the CVent registration page. All face-to-face dates of the course must be attended for you to be certified.

Q. Do I need to get anything done before I start the course?
All courses require candidates to complete e-learning modules prior to attending the first face-to-face modules.

An ECB DBS check and Safeguarding Young Cricketers (SYC) certificate are not required prior to attending the course, but must be completed before you are certified.

Q. Do I have to be 18 to start the course?
Candidates for ECB Support Coach must be 16 years old and candidates for Foundation and Core Coach Courses must be 17 years old by the start of the course. but will not receive their certificate until they are 18.

Q. How is the ECB Support Coach assessed?
Candidates must attend Module 2 and complete online Multiple-Choice Questionnaire via their e-learning portal.

Q. I’ve completed my assessment but haven’t received my certificate yet?
This may be because you are missing one of the pre-requisites for the course – please check you have all of these in place. Alternatively, if you are aged 17, your certificate will not be generated until you are 18. Certificates take roughly 2 weeks to be delivered. If these suggestions don’t answer why you haven’t received a certificate, email

Q. I’ve played professional cricket. Does that mean I can automatically coach without doing the course?
No – professional cricketers must complete the same course as those who are part of an amateur club.

Q. I’ve got an ECB Level 2 qualification. Do I need to now complete Foundation or Core Coach Course?
If you already have an ECB Level 2 certificate you do not need to complete another course.

Q. Can I run a session independently with a ECB Support Coach qualification?
NO- As an ECB Support Coach you can only support a fully qualified coach during a session.

Q. Can I run a session independently with a Foundation Coach qualification?
YES- As an Foundation Coach coach you are fully qualified to run coaching sessions independently.

Q. How long is a coaching certificate valid for?
Coaching certificates do not expire, only the pre-requisites. SYC has to be renewed every 3 years (you will receive email reminders from ECB) and your DBS should automatically update year provided you join the update service, unless a recorded incident prevents it from doing so.

If you do not join the update service you will need to complete a new DBS check every year.

Q. I haven’t been coaching for a few years – do I need to do a refresher course?
You will not need to attend any refresher course – with a certificate you will be able to coach, as long as your pre-requisites are all in date- if they are not you MUST renew these.

Q. How long does the Foundation Coach course take?
You must attend 4 x 3 hour modules, normally delivered over 2 days or 4 evenings, plus online learning modules to be completed at home.

Q. How is the Foundation Coach course assessed?
Candidates are observed 3 times over the face-to-face modules and must show competence in a variety of areas.

Q. Is the First Aid course included in the price of the course?
No – First Aid Certificates are no longer a requirement for coaches and not included with the course but we do recommend that all coaches have a current First Aid qualification. Our First Aid courses are advertised HERE when available






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