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rohan Player Ambassador (002)
Rebecca Player Ambassador

Player Ambassadors for 2022

The Cheshire Cricket Board are pleased to introduce Rohan and Rebecca as Player Ambassadors for 2022.

Rohan and Rebecca have attended the CCB pathway over a number of years and both have experienced and played representative cricket for Cheshire.

The Player Ambassadors will help to provide young players at all levels an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences of both the CCB pathway and playing cricket across the county.

We want to provide a vehicle for players to have a voice and to help drive the future of the game locally. The Player Ambassadors will report and feedback to CCB who are excited to hear from young players and how we can best keep the game growing in Cheshire.

Children on the pathway can contact Rohan and Rebecca via

The Player Ambassadors will also be active across our social media sites and visiting pathway courses to gain insight from players.

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