James Hendry

- Development & Coaching Officer - Stockport James Hendry
Tel: 07590 038893

Cheshire Cricket Board Role: Development & Coaching Officer - Stockport, Cheshire U12 Boys Coach, Cheshire Women's Coach, Cheshire Under 13 East Coach

Job Description: James supports the 16 Cheshire Cricket Board Affiliated Clubs in Stockport, and works closely with the primary and secondary schools in the area, providing children with a pathway to the local clubs. James is heavily involved in the Cheshire Cricket Board's Development Programme, delivering its Foundation, Advanced, District and Excellence Courses throughout the county. James also coaches on the Board's one-to-one programme, coaches the Cheshire East U13's team, the County Boys U12's and the Cheshire Women's County Cricket Club.

Clubs: Winnington Park, Kingsley, University of Central Lancashire.

Nicknames: 'Hendo'.

Cricket Heroes: Graham Thorpe, Ian Harvey, Jonty Rhodes/Chris Taylor, Bob Woolmer, Paul Farbrace.

Favourite Cricket Team: Cheshire, Essex CCC.

Best Performances: 84* .v. Weaverham / 5-19 v Sandbach.

Coaching Philosophy: I'm still developing my philosophy, but a couple of points I adhere to currently... I aim to understand a player's motivation for playing the game (whether intrinsic or extrinsic). Coaching is easy when it's going well; a player is scoring lots of runs and taking plenty of wickets. It's how we respond when it's not going well that shows our true coaching qualities. Knowing how to pick your players up (knowing their motivation) will assist with this.

Favourite Football Team: Manchester United.

Favourite Music: Funeral For A Friend, Green Day, Enter Shikari and Blink 182 are some of my favourites.

Favourite Films: Now we're talking! Where do I start... ; Shutter Island, Life of David Gale, Law Abiding Citizen, Road To Perdition, Collateral, Fight Club. I could go on and on here, so I'll stop there.

Favourite Cricket Bat: Warsop Stebbing.

Favourite Food: I'm a frequent visitor to the salad bar at Morrisons Supermarkets in the Stockport area. The 'firecracker chicken' is fantastic.